Monday, August 31

Introduction to US History

CW: Syllabus, TED Talk, Course Introduction

HW: 1) Get final sheet of course syllabus signed
2) Write "The History of MCP"- it can be as short or long as you choose. Use any resources you can find. Can be typed, but does not have to be.
3) If notebook was not prepared in class today, must be done by tomorrow. E-mail Mr. Connolly for instructions.

Tuesday, September 1

Making History and AVMS annotation method
CW: Slip and Trip Activity (not required for make-up, but ask Mr. Connolly if interested), AVMS sheet

HW: 1) Complete DBQ for practice with AVMS method
2) Study for AVMS quiz

Wednesday, September 2

NO CLASS- Show out on your ACT- I believe in you!
HW: Finish DBQ and Study for AVMS quiz

Thursday, September 3

AVMS Quiz and Introduction to Unit One: Where Did America Come From? (1450-1877)

CW: AVMS Quiz- IF ABSENT, E-mail Mr. Connolly regarding make-ups immediately

HW: Read, annotate, and take notes on our Week One Reader. Practice using AVMS!

Friday, September 4

AVMS re-teaching and Week One Packet Independent work (close reading and note-taking practice)
CW: Working on our Week One Reader- Practicing the AVMS method and effective note-taking

HW: Finish reading/annotating/note-taking the Week One reader for Tuesday.